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Peak Insulation offers intumescent, cementitious and mineral fibre fireproofing products designed to protect commercial and industrial buildings structural steel from failure in the event of a fire.We apply fireproofing materials directly to steel beams, roof and floor assemblies, columns, concrete services, and joists in both industrial and commercial environments. We can determine exactly the right amount of spray-on fireproofing needed, depending on the weight, size and type of structure to which it will be applied.


Intumescent Fireproofing

Intumescent fireproofing is a thin-film coating which allows steel structures to be exposed rather than boxed in with drywall or cladding. They still adhere to building code fire protection requirements and can be coloured using a decorative topcoat. Intumescent is a substance that swells when in contact with heat exposure, thus increasing in volume and decreasing in density.

Cementitious Fireproofing

Cementitious fireproofing is a wet mix plaster fireproofing substance that uses a base of Portland cement or gypsum and protects a buildings structural steel from failure in the event of fire. Medium density spray fireproofing is stronger, harder and more durable than other fireproofing methods. It can be used on interior exposed columns and braces, or specialized industrial or commercial applications in damage-prone areas.

Mineral Fibre Fireproofing

Mineral fiber spray fireproofing is composed of rock-wool fibers mixed with a cement-based binder. Mineral fiber fireproofing can be applied to interiors and exteriors, including wall assemblies, metal cladding, structural steel columns, beams, open web steel joists, and metal decks for the appropriate fire resistance rating.

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